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[ih] origins of the term "hyperlink"

> On Apr 12, 2020, at 2:04 PM, Edward Summers via Internet-history <internet-history at elists.isoc.org> wrote:
> The resolution unfortunately isn't the best. But it is good enough to see Engelbart's annotations. I tried to find one mentioning "link" when trails were being discussed. The best candidate I could find was in the second paragraph on the right side of p. 107. But he uses the "list" instead of "link". If Jeff or anyone can make a higher resolution copy of it available it be amazing to see it!

Just in case anyone else was curious: the "LINKS" mention is indeed barely legible on p. 107 of Engelbart's copy of As We May Think, but not in the margin (see attached screenshot). Many thanks for the off-list help. I'd still love to see a higher resolution scan if anyone has access to one. What a historical treasure!