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[ih] origins of the term "hyperlink"

> On Apr 12, 2020, at 12:41 PM, vinton cerf via Internet-history <internet-history at elists.isoc.org> wrote:
> Here is Jeff's response:
> Vannevar Bush, (Atlantic Monthly, July 1945, p 107) introduces the idea of
> "associative indexing, the basic idea of which is a provision whereby any
> item may be caused at will to select immediately and automatically
> another." Bush goes on to discuss the idea of a named trail of such
> associations. Engelbart's contemporaneous handwritten marginal notes in his
> copy of the magazine call such a trail "links". The Computer History Museum
> has a photocopy of Doug's personal copy with his handwritten marginal
> notes. (I have a TIFF of their copy.)

It's more than just a bit poetic that a Google Image search for "vannevar engelbart as we may think scan" leads to Engelbart's own website, that has a scan as well:


The resolution unfortunately isn't the best. But it is good enough to see Engelbart's annotations. I tried to find one mentioning "link" when trails were being discussed. The best candidate I could find was in the second paragraph on the right side of p. 107. But he uses the "list" instead of "link". If Jeff or anyone can make a higher resolution copy of it available it be amazing to see it!