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[ih] what's a level

Absolutely !!  The uucp maps, I used to admin the chunk for .AR for a
while, collecting the records of each site, send it to Mary Ann Horton,
getting the updated ones from uunet and running pathalias every day, what a
pain !!

Yes UUCP had several programs, uuxqt was to send a request for remote
execution. The original uuxqt only permitted execution at the host on the
other side of the "connection." We tweaked it to pass the ball along a path.

Mail was simple a file transfer of two files, the envelope, the body of the
message, and a remote execution of the local mail program on the remote

Later it got more interesting using sendmail to digest and process the mail
queues, we also used for a while another mail processing program from the
University of Toronto, hmm was it cfmail, can't remember the name now. Not
as cryptic as the sendmail configuration but still sort of black magic
stuff, but highly efficient processing multiple queues for our old national

It was fun ... we had some SPAM during those days, but mostly came in metal
cans :-)


On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 9:10 AM John R. Levine <isoc at johnlevine.com> wrote:

> > while the name is correct UUCP was not only a file copy mechanism, it
> also allowed execution of programs on the remote side (uux if I am not
> mistaken).  That made pushing mails around possible.
> Right.  It was both remote copy and remote execution, but remote execution
> is what made it useful.
> > It also allowed for batching and compressing and feeding mail into a
> rudimentary smail, or even into sendmail (brrrr!!!).
> We fed mail into all sorts of stuff.  Remember the mapping project that
> tried to come up with the shortest bang path to everyone?
> R's
> John L, cca!ima!johnl
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