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[ih] what's a level

In article <CAHxHggdmxtQOJdgmgrdLQkXe1QdrOOVd8jFea0p0mtPKCqahuA at mail.gmail.com> you write:
>i think a lot of the interconnections were application layer gateways -
>such as email relays.
>Early USENET wasn't Internet if by this we mean TCP/IP based. UUCP was't
>using TCP/IP ...

UUCP was a message forwarding transport protocol, USENET was (and is)
a distributed bulletin board system.  UUCP was mostly over dialup
phone modems but I have heard claims that there is still the
occasional UUCP over TCP.

>From the beginning, we used UUCP for other applications, notably e-mail,
and USENET used other transports, ranging from LANs to mag tapes sent
by mail (and I don't mean e-mail.)

John L, cca!ima!johnl
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