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[ih] what's a level

What was complicated about sendmail :-)-O?
define(`confCW_FILE', `-o /etc/sendmail/sendmail.cw')
FEATURE(mailertable,`hash -o /etc/sendmail/mailertable.db')
and then run m4 on this :-)-O
I remember using something to BSMTP to batch the mails and gzip the batches, very efficient.
UUPC/Extended is another very cool story.
Initially written by the well known Rick Lamb, and then brought into prime time by Drew Derbyshire who wanted to communicate with his girlfriend on the other coast of the US (which worked out apparently, resulting in her surname change :-)-O).
A friend of mine wrote a mini-elm for DOS so I wrote a little script to tie this together (I think 2000 lines of BAT or so :-)-O), this all worked so well, that even my mother could use it (she even figured MicroEmacs out) :-)-O
As late as in the early 2000?s I corresponded with colleagues from Cuba working in my hospital in Namibia (when they went home on leave) and found UUPC/Extended headers in the mails, apparently phone calls are free inside Cuba so the universities and hospitals used that. Never mind the political baggage surrounding.

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> Later it got more interesting?using sendmail to digest and process the mail queues, we also used for a while another mail processing program from the University of Toronto, hmm was it cfmail, can't remember the name now. Not as cryptic as the sendmail configuration but still sort of black magic stuff, but highly efficient processing multiple queues for our old national "gateway"

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