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[ih] inter-network communication history

On 11/8/19 2:16 PM, Jack Haverty via Internet-history wrote, excerpting:

> Some other factoids I recalled:
>  ??? - The original ARPANET management software at BBN was called "U",
> for Utilities.? Later we developed a successor tool, cleverly called
> "NU", for New Utilities.?? I'm pretty sure that the Internet management
> was integrated into NU when the NOC assumed 24x7 operations responsibility.
Yes. I got to write several pieces of the NU system, under Jim Herman's 
direction and alongside others including Susan Bernstein, Brownell 
Chalstrom, and Jim Dempsey. I still remember the thrill of debugging the 
Unix-side code that ran the routing algorithm as driven by updates 
forwarded from IMPs so as to derive a dynamic map of internode 
connectivity. I can't comment on NU's possible subsequent extension to 
Internet-level operations, as I wasn't still on the project at that point.

There was a paper on the system, in case anyone finds interest to 
investigate it: P. J. Santos, Jr., H.B. Chalstrom, J. Linn, and J.G. 
Herman, "Architecture of a Network Monitoring, Control and Management 
System", Fifth ICCC, Atlanta, October 1980.


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