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[ih] The history of "This" network?

>> Since the Internet went into production use in 1983
> Depends on your definition of 'production'! :-) Yes, that was an important
> date (when NCP was turned off on the ARPANET). However, some of us were doing
> real use of the Internet well before that.

On top of that longer history that Noel refers to, it was also a kind of rolling start.
According to contemporary messages posted to the tcp/ip digest list:

- early october 1982, 47% of traffic was tcp/ip

- mid november 1982 it was 62% of traffic

- mid december 1982 it was 89% of traffic

Following the final switch over, it would seem that things mostly worked with the exception of mail forwarding which seems to have had a fair amount of problems (I may be wrong about this, but it is the impression I get from reading through the digest).


TCP/IP digest messages: