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[ih] The history of "This" network?

    > From: Dave Crocker

    > Since the Internet went into production use in 1983

Depends on your definition of 'production'! :-) Yes, that was an important
date (when NCP was turned off on the ARPANET). However, some of us were doing
real use of the Internet well before that.

For instance, I recently mentioned here the line printer on the fifth floor at
LCS; it had been connected to a TIP port, and a spooler on MIT-Multics knew
how to print things on it. Then it got connected up to the CSR Unix machine,
and one had to throw a switch. Once the CSR Unix had 'Internet' access (once
the Tech Sq LANs got connected to the ARPANet), the printer moved to the Unix
full-time, and MIT-Multics connected to the CSR Unix over the Internet to do
people's print requests.

Back in 2010, I tried to work out when that happened, since it was one of the
earliest real applications run over the Internet at MIT, but was unable to get
an exact date, but it was at least a year before 1983.

There was also access to the Dover donated by PARC to Tech Sq (at the same
time as the CMU and Stanford donations from PARC); the router that connected
the 3 Mbit Ethernet in to the existing ring in Tech Sq was sometime in 1980,