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[ih] The history of "This" network?

That is in sync with my memory at CMU.  We had the distributed front end which was originally lsi11s and later multi bus systems running a fledgling IP around late ?79/early ?80.  This project would morph into what we today would call a router but it was not quite that smart in those days.   

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On Feb 12, 2019, at 9:46 PM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:

>> From: Dave Crocker
>> Since the Internet went into production use in 1983
> Depends on your definition of 'production'! :-) Yes, that was an important
> date (when NCP was turned off on the ARPANET). However, some of us were doing
> real use of the Internet well before that.
> For instance, I recently mentioned here the line printer on the fifth floor at
> LCS; it had been connected to a TIP port, and a spooler on MIT-Multics knew
> how to print things on it. Then it got connected up to the CSR Unix machine,
> and one had to throw a switch. Once the CSR Unix had 'Internet' access (once
> the Tech Sq LANs got connected to the ARPANet), the printer moved to the Unix
> full-time, and MIT-Multics connected to the CSR Unix over the Internet to do
> people's print requests.
> Back in 2010, I tried to work out when that happened, since it was one of the
> earliest real applications run over the Internet at MIT, but was unable to get
> an exact date, but it was at least a year before 1983.
> There was also access to the Dover donated by PARC to Tech Sq (at the same
> time as the CMU and Stanford donations from PARC); the router that connected
> the 3 Mbit Ethernet in to the existing ring in Tech Sq was sometime in 1980,
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