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[ih] the state of protocol R&D?

Hi Miles,

On 2014-5-27, at 4:12, Miles Fidelman <mfidelman at meetinghouse.net> wrote:
> I'm kind of thinking more like the Command and Control Research Program (dodccrp.org) - which sponsors(ed?) a lot of network centric warfare related work, published the C2 Journal, and still seems to organize the ICCRTS and CCRTS conferences - lots of work on network interoperability for warfighting applications.  There's also used to be a pretty active community around distributed simulation protocols. Somehow, one would think that either IRTF would be providing some kind of broader-based focal point.

the IRTF does what its participants are interested in spending their time on. It operates completely by volunteer cycles. 

The IRTF can do many things under its charter, probably including what you suggest above, but it always starts and ends with volunteers who want to see something happen and put their own time towards it.

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