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[ih] the state of protocol R&D?


On 2014-5-25, at 4:18, Dave Crocker <dhc2 at dcrocker.net> wrote:
> Hmmm.  Should the IRTF attempt a kind of open-source listing of places
> and activities that could be classed as 'networking research'?

so that would certainly be something that could be done under the IRTF umbrella. We have wikis and can get other tooling set up as needed.

But: As with anything, it requires someone to feel strongly enough about it to spend their own time on it and make it happen. Unless you mean "I want do to X in the IRTF" when you write "the IRTF should", it's unlikely that anyone else will do it.

(as IRTF chair)

PS: irtf-discuss at irtf.org might be a better list for discussing this, however.

> For new protocols, I've found it helpful to have an open-to-anyone
> registry.  Claim that you support the protocol and you get listed.  (cf,
> http://dkim.org/deploy).  The registry does not vet claimants; just
> lists them.  This gives interested parties a place for finding
> implementations or consultant.
> It probably would be easy and probably would be helpful, for irtf.org to
> set up something similar, for research, such as a "Community Research
> Activities" trac wiki.
> d/
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> Dave Crocker
> Brandenburg InternetWorking
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