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[ih] the state of protocol R&D?

Hi Miles:

There's is a protocol R&D community.  Mostly academic folks (and the list
of universities is long).  A few industry folks (BBN has about 100 folks
doing networking research, many of them protocol work; ISI has, I think,
about 35; IBM has some; Google has a few; Telefonica has some).

In terms of where folks publish -- the venues have been diffuse.  SIGCOMM
and its workshops are the best starting point, but some of the best
protocol research discussions I've seen over the past 5 years or so have
been at Dagstuhl and Monte Verita and NSF program meetings (cf. the next
generation Internet meetings).



> Which leads me to wonder - is there much of a protocol r&d community 
> left - academic or otherwise?  Or funders?  And if so, where do folks 
> "congregate?"  For programming languages, there's 
> http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/, conferences like OOPSLA, and there 
> seems to be a steady stream of academic papers.  Is there anything left 
> like that for protocol R&D?
> Miles Fidelman
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