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[ih] FC vs CC Re: [e2e] Fwd: Re: Once again buffer bloat and CC. Re: A Cute Story. Or: How to talk completely at cross purposes. Re: When was Go Back N adopted by TCP

Am 23.08.2014 um 05:34 schrieb Jack Haverty:
> It's been a looonnggg time, but I still remember studying a lot of
> mathematics about 50 years ago - queueing theory, graph theory, etc. 
> Used to be able to do it too.
> My recollection is that terms such as "flow control" and "congestion
> control" were used in mathematics, well before they were used in
> computer networks. 

Hm. I read quite a lot of mathematical models used for computer networks.

However, I never happened to see, how flow control and congestion
control were modelled. The models were made that abstract, that
congestion control and flow control vanished.

I really appreciate concrete pointers here.

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