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[ih] FC vs CC Re: [e2e] Fwd: Re: Once again buffer bloat and CC. Re: A Cute Story. Or: How to talk completely at cross purposes. Re: When was Go Back N adopted by TCP

    > From: "James P.G. Sterbenz" <jpgs at ittc.ku.edu>

    > All network historians and scientists should own ...
    > L. Pouzin, _The Cyclades Computer Network_, North-Holland, 1982

Indeed - it has an honoured place on my bookshelf. The importance of
CYCLADES/CIGALE in the history of data network cannot be over-emphasized,

    > in which congestion is covered in Chap. 4 on Cigale.

4.4.6, to be exact. Looking at their congestion control mechanism, it's
fairly complex - not sure if it would work in a heterogeneous network like
today's Internet, though. Still, interesting...

    > There were likely much earlier Cyclades papers mentioning congestion
    > before this retrospective monograph.

Yes, about the earliest appears to be:

  M. Irland, "Queueing analysis of a buffer allocation scheme for a packet
  switch", Proc. IEEE-NTC '75, New Orleans, Dec. 1975

There are some slightly earlier ones by him (her?), but they appear to be
progress reports on a simulation project which was part of a PhD thesis at
the University of Waterloo (completed in April 1977), and not widely

In looking for the references in that book to the congestion work, though, I
stumbled across this one:

  D. W. Davies, "The Control of Congestion in Packet Switching Networks",
  Proc. 2nd Symp. on Problems of Optimization of Data Comm. Systems,
  Palo Alto, Oct. 1971
I don't have access to that, but it would be interesting to see what it