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[ih] FC vs CC Re: [e2e] Fwd: Re: Once again buffer bloat and CC. Re: A Cute Story. Or: How to talk completely at cross purposes. Re: When was Go Back N adopted by TCP

Donald Davies had the idea of an isarithmic network: a fixed number of
packets in the network at all times. Issues however included getting "empty
packets" to places with data to send. Like the taxi problem where they end
up at favored destinations but are not available without deadheading to
favored origins.



On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 9:56 AM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu>

>     > From: "James P.G. Sterbenz" <jpgs at ittc.ku.edu>
>     > All network historians and scientists should own ...
>     > L. Pouzin, _The Cyclades Computer Network_, North-Holland, 1982
> Indeed - it has an honoured place on my bookshelf. The importance of
> CYCLADES/CIGALE in the history of data network cannot be over-emphasized,
> IMO.
>     > in which congestion is covered in Chap. 4 on Cigale.
> 4.4.6, to be exact. Looking at their congestion control mechanism, it's
> fairly complex - not sure if it would work in a heterogeneous network like
> today's Internet, though. Still, interesting...
>     > There were likely much earlier Cyclades papers mentioning congestion
>     > before this retrospective monograph.
> Yes, about the earliest appears to be:
>   M. Irland, "Queueing analysis of a buffer allocation scheme for a packet
>   switch", Proc. IEEE-NTC '75, New Orleans, Dec. 1975
> There are some slightly earlier ones by him (her?), but they appear to be
> progress reports on a simulation project which was part of a PhD thesis at
> the University of Waterloo (completed in April 1977), and not widely
> distributed.
> In looking for the references in that book to the congestion work, though,
> I
> stumbled across this one:
>   D. W. Davies, "The Control of Congestion in Packet Switching Networks",
>   Proc. 2nd Symp. on Problems of Optimization of Data Comm. Systems,
>   Palo Alto, Oct. 1971
> I don't have access to that, but it would be interesting to see what it
> covers.
>         Noel
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