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[ih] We can hang up now, it's all done. (Sergio Pedraja)

I consider myself very young to speak properly about facts I heared years
later. I use to keep information about Classic Computing and ARPANET in
particular for two reasons: my own interest, and the preparation of my
end-of-degree work. But this is another story.

I put an aye in the brief resume list object of this discussion. And, well,
it only this, a brief list. And this kind of works use to forget EVER
something important for someone, with two characteristics: something more
important in perspective now and not in the moment of its assembly; or
something important now for someone in the context of its way in the life.

I prefer to see these matters in a positive perspective: for example, I
should encounter *very* useful a brief list with some main hits chained with
other previous and derivatives. The MUD case, for example, could be a good
example. I can't doubt about the antecedents of this application, but it
would be useful for me to emphasize MUD (perhaps because it's more well
known in comparison) and link it with the PLATO system mention.

And of course, it's the fact of the inexistence of the perfect chronological
list :-)

Sergio Pedraja
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