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[ih] We can hang up now, it's all done.

jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu (Noel Chiappa), 2009-11-23 15:35 (+0100):

> If you want a copy of that ITS manual, it's available as a (scanned) document
> from MIT. There's a link to it on the Wikipedia ITS page:
>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incompatible_Timesharing_System

Thanks to work by David Carter the document is also available as plain
text and some other formats here:


Incidentally, I was the one who asked a librarian at the AI lab to scan
the document in the first place. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of
the person who did this. Thanks, anyway.

> (One cannot of course depend on any Wikipedia article, but if you
> don't know much about ITS it's a good place to start; at the moment
> it's more-or-less as I left it, when I worked on it.)

Bj?rn Victor has some additional material on getting ITS to run on the
KLH-10 emulator here:


and some additional material on UP, an ITS machine!


Although the web server doesn't seem to answer just this moment. Bj?rn
has written a web server in MacLisp.

Paul Svensson has also written a web server, but in MIDAS, IIRC. His
machine used to be available as


but it doesn't answer any longer, although it does reply to ping.

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