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[ih] We can hang up now, it's all done.

>Dan Murphy noted a local terminal-terminal feature on TENEX in 1970, 
>and in 1970 (or 1974, the date is unsure), Bob Frankston implemented 
>"send_message" on Multics.  The "write" command appeared in Unix in 
>1971.   As John notes, TENEX appears to be the first to have 
>implemented a true inter-system chat, in 1972.

If I remember right, it was the advent of FTP mail on multics that 
generated the need to add append as a permission to the usual read, 
write, execute. (Or at least I remember Pogran telling me something 
that gave me that impression. And I am pretty sure it was Pogran and 
not Padlipsky for some reason. MAP was telling me other things!  ;-) 
)  Multics was always concerned about security and as I noted 
earlier, the mailbox in FTP viewed as a file not a directory.  They 
didn't want to give the mail program "write" access, but "append" was 

If my remembrance is correct then it must have been 74 because mail 
wasn't put into FTP until March 1973.  If it was there for a mutlics 
only command then it could have been 71.

Take care,