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[ih] We can hang up now, it's all done.

Marty Lyons wrote:

> "DIAL" appeared in  
> 1966 on the Q-32 as noted by R. Linde and P. Chaney.

If DIAL was the chat-like command to send a message to a specific user 
in which you had to know the ID number of the TTY they were using 
(instead of a user name), I think it already existed in 1965 when I 
started using the Q32.

> (an EIES programmer from NJIT in the early '80s -- thanks to Larry for  
> remembering us :)

I remember it fondly -- we did a "teleconference on teleconferencing" 
which ran for some time and was written up in a document that I still 
have -- totally cool and inspiring even at 10 CPS on a TTY.