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[ih] Searching for some Arpanet-related Documents

One last appointment: this document is fault of some pages :-)

2008/6/5 SPC <spedraja at gmail.com>:

> There is another document really interesting and with a lot of technical
> information not reflected at all later int the BBN 1763. I speak about the
> original report from BBN named "Proposal: Interface Message Processors for
> the Arpa Computer Network". It includes some documentation from Honeywell,
> and is located in:
> http://ia300241.us.archive.org/2/items/TheInterfaceMessageProcessorForTheArpaComputerNetwork/TheInterfaceMessageProcessorForTheArpaComputerNetwork.djvu
> You must read it with the Djvu viewer located in http://www.lizardtech.com
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