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[ih] Searching for some Arpanet-related Documents

In message <0c3101c8c695$1c9c6f20$0801000a at bigportable>, "Larry Press" writes:

>... .  Do folks like BBN and DARPA have archives?

BBN has an excellent library which has copies of BBN technical reports.
So if we were asked to produce an official BBN report, they've got a copy.

However a lot of what was written for customers never became reports and
that stuff generally isn't archived by BBN (my understanding is that material
sent to DARPA more than a decade or so ago has been deposited in the National
Archives but I have not sought to learn where ARPANET stuff might be).
Tragically, for ARPANET, BBN *did* keep copies of everything until about
1990, when in an office move, an assistant was told to figure out what
to do with the (many file cabinets) of material and she chose to discard
it.  I would like to believe that everything in those file cabinets is
also in the National Archives, but my bet is history lost some useful stuff.


Chief Scientist, BBN Technologies