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[ih] Djvu Viewer (Re: Searching for some Arpanet-related Documents)

SPC schrieb:
> There is another document really interesting and with a lot of technical 
> information not reflected at all later int the BBN 1763. I speak about 
> the original report from BBN named "Proposal: Interface Message 
> Processors for the Arpa Computer Network". It includes some 
> documentation from Honeywell, and is located in:
> http://ia300241.us.archive.org/2/items/TheInterfaceMessageProcessorForTheArpaComputerNetwork/TheInterfaceMessageProcessorForTheArpaComputerNetwork.djvu
> You must read it with the Djvu viewer located in http://www.lizardtech.com

Just an aside: There's a nice viewer called DjView4 which has a PDF 
export function, too. It's available for most platforms and Linux distros.


> I must clear that I'm searching all these documents for two reasons: I 
> need some of them to do my final work for my studies of History, and I 
> am thinking in develop one simulator of the Arpanet Imp (simulator, not 
> emulator) and its subnet for my Computing studies.
> Thanks and Greetings
> Sergio Pedraja

Matthias B?rwolff, M.A.

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