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Re: [Captive-portals] Ben Campbell's Yes on charter-ietf-capport-00-01: (with COMMENT)

On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 10:51 AM, Ben Campbell <[email protected]> wrote:
> On 15 Oct 2015, at 9:45, Warren Kumari wrote:
>> Weirdly I don't see Spencer's comments in my mail, but I do see them
>> in the datatracker...
>> Anyway, sure, I'm happy to change this to "these interceptions are
>> indistinguishable from man-in-the-middle attacks"... The original
>> (clumsy) wording was an attempt to not annoy the CP vendors -- one
>> that that I think it very important to this work is to get
>> participation from CP vendors / implementors and operators -- I didn't
>> want the charter to say that what they do is a MitM, because that's
>> pejorative, but Spencer's "indistinguishable from" works nicely.
> Not speaking for Spencer, but if there's a good reason for the existing
> text, I can live with it. (But I'm also okay with "Indistinguishable
> from..."

The "indistinguishable from" works nicely -- it doesn't say that CP
interception *is* a MitM attack, and so should not offend.
I did not want to / was not able to edit the charter text directly, so
here is a version that folk can look at that has received comments
integrated:  https://gist.github.com/wkumari/3754605d53fc050591d1

> Thanks!
> Ben.

I don't think the execution is relevant when it was obviously a bad
idea in the first place.
This is like putting rabid weasels in your pants, and later expressing
regret at having chosen those particular rabid weasels and that pair
of pants.