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Re: [Captive-portals] Moving this all along - a BoF in Prague?

You can begin filling in the bof wiki whenever you find convenient.

Barry has some interest I imagine, I do as well.


On 4/21/15 5:11 PM, Warren Kumari wrote:
> Hi all,
> So, we seemed to have significant interest in this topic (or, at least
> we did in Dallas).
> It seemed that we had general consensus in the room that the
> interaction with captive portals left much to be desired, and it
> seemed that there were a significant number of people who were
> interested in working on improving this. We also have 65 people on the
> mailing list....
> So, Mark and I have been chatting -- is there interest in us having an
> "official" BoF in Prague, with the intention of possibly forming a WG?
> If there is significant support for this, we will approach ADs and ask
> nicely, but we would need to so this very soon...
> So, speak up if you a: think was should have a BoF or b: think it is
> much too early or c: you have any other (hopefully relevant) views...
> W

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