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Google bias exposed...

Undercover video shows Google exec warning over 'next Trump situation' https://mol.im/a/7178881 via http://dailym.ai/android
------------------Jim Bell's comments follow.
A few days ago, I pointed out that it's time for a 'bias-detector' to monitor search engines for biases inserted by their owners/operators.  I didn't mean to suggest that this would be easy.  But as this new story makes clear, this kind of monitoring is not merely theoretically needed, but is clearly important given the admissions of this biased fool.
The main impediment is trying to motivate skilled people to both write the programming, but also host the servers necessary.  I hope that my isotope invention (s) will shortly (year?) 'turn on', if so I want to fund this project.
See:.    www.daltonium.com
              Jim Bell
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