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The US government lacks legitimacy and credibility

On 6/26/19 6:04 PM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> No doubt as I post this, someone reading it will think "I know this, I
> took a class on it"
> The US government is illegitimate, uncredible, and irrelevant. 

Um, well...

"Legitimate" means, in accordance with your master's wishes.  Note the
root word "leige", which means "lord."  By definition, obedience to the
State "is legitimate" while disobedience "is illegitimate."  I always
cringe a little when I hear anarchists and other anti-authoritarian
types use the word "legitimate" as if that was legitimate.  :D

Uncredible, meaning can not be trusted to convey accurate information:
That fits.  States maintain control over their subjects by any means
necessary, including deception at every scale from simple lies to
elaborate hoaxes psychological warfare.

Irrelevant?  One must ask, in what context can we call a network of
institutions with the power to steal, kidnap and murder at will - and
defend these prerogatives from competitors - within a given geographic
boundary irrelevant?  Academic writers broadly accept the above
description as a definition of State sovereignty.

As George Orwell pointed out, language shapes thoughts, beliefs and
behavior.  As a contemporary example, these are the synonyms of
"activist" per Merriam-Webster:

addict, bigot, bug, crank, crazy, demon, devotee, enthusiast, extremist,
fiend, fool, freak, maniac, militant, monomaniac, nut, radical,
ultraist, visionary, zealot

Not listed as synonyms for "activist":

advocate, champion, engaged, leader, motivated, populist, pro-active,

Are these really synonyms for "activist"?  Advocate as in one who
advocates for a cause or position, Engaged as in one who actively takes
part, Champion as in one who fights for a cause, Leader as in one who
takes the lead, Motivated as in up on your feet and down to the street,
Populist as in by and for the people, Pro-Active as in not waiting for
others to act, Self-starter as in taking personal initiative.


Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can murder millions.


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