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Unsustainable Hypernormalization

If any government official who actually knows anything would try to explain away the MLK letter or even what is going on with Donald Trump, they would begin to indict themselves. "You see, we didn't have as many contacts with opposition research members before..."

Increasingly few government officials actually understand what is going on, and the people who do won't try to inform them. Can someone like John Schindler actually explain themselves, why the United States can not function at least on an open basis?

The quote "this evidence of non-corrupt motives weighs heavily" is as good as any. The US government openly lies, and refuses to sufficiently explain anything. How can you disprove a lie? If the government cannot lie, it will find proxies to slander on their behalf. And if you disprove the lie, the government will find some reason to avoid further discussion.

I do question why anyone would be employed by the US government, or at least the seedier departments. What do they say, most people don't understand Iran-Contra like we do, topics the public is prone to outrage over is not up to them, because this is how a neoliberal democracy works?

George Washington said factionalism invites foreign meddling. So in order to remove the product of foreign meddling, the US government is engaging in factionalism. Most congressmen anyway are up for auction, neocolonialism is just third world nations bidding to be colonized.

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