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Julian Assange LiveStream

Forgo "disclosure" and "non-disclosure," NGO and NDA; The "non" 
implicates, is misleading, moderates and dilutes opposition, is 
downright deceptive. So too is "dis." And "redact" and censor and 
secretkeep. Those who non, dis, redact, censor and secretkeep brag of 
knowing more than they tell, vaunt themselves as power games riggers 
in confession and appeal to their cult. They  demean and stigmatize 
those "who go too far" in unfettered revelation, "dumping" and 
failing to abide the rules of rigging.

Tell what you know or shut the fuck up, the latter much superior. 
Lurking is the way to go.

Heed this, telling is lying. Leaks lie exactly as do secrets.

>What are the parameters of a non vain disclosure?
>For those who intend to do it right, it is our duty to disclose our
>bound, the rules proclaimed by those ordained, guardian protectors of
>all righteous commentary.
>Let us not withhold such vital Soul endearing secrets to that
>analysis which dares to creep an iota to the right of the zero
>threshold of this judgement vector.