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Pound#ing 14 bits into 88 symbols of hate - just a stoopid joke, ignore

4chan is on fire this week attempting to pound (hint hint) some sense
from 14 bits into 88 symbols of hate.

Don't fall for it.

It's a stupid joke.  And a bad one at that.

Don't #hangout with loser incels just to find un#appy endings of


Move along, nothing to see.


Nothing at all.

Do NOT scroll any further. This is your final warning.

  #HeilHitler: â??Fashtagâ?? is a New Way to Signal to Other
  Followers of Nazi Ideology!

[ Approved by Jordan Peterson, our favourite "classic liberal"
  champion of banning alternative views from literal "liberal"
  Free Speech panels hosted by his-elf; really? Really! ]