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Julian Assange LiveStream

No doubt to many this might apply. A common
component formative to beginning action perhaps.
A feature easily spotted, and often rarely well
coached and developed into stronger action
and impact. With some certainly becoming tiresome
under repeated theatrics, and continuing long tails,
trappings, and resources, best left retired for
other entrants. To which of any does this apply?
You decide.

Regardless, the pace and impact of "top secret"
leaks has tapered off, and old publishers now
embroiled in petty bickering and legalities.

Clearly a new generation of leakers and publishers
is now warranted.

And as always with many would be deathbed revealers
knowing the wrong of what they hold yet still chosing
immorality of silence.

Anyway, this time around, the encrypted distributed p2p
messaging, filesharing data storage, cryptocurrency
blockchains, anonymity networks, and even publishers,
are much more advanced and ready for such a new wave.

Bring it forth.