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Netherlands compromat'ed for the flight of their lives

Where global conspiracies reign supreme and no blackmail is too much
for the perpetuation of false enemies and inglorious idols, the
Netherlands and Sweden are your go to bitches.

This round its the Dutch (Netherlands for those who must le wiki it
like it's 1999) slamming, or rather dribbling their way with a 3mm
pin tack to pun the tail of the MH370 flight on big, bad, seriously
big and seriously bad enemy extraordinaire spymasters and election
meddlers ... <drumroll> ... R U S S I A MWAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAA!

The Malasians on the other hand don't care for such bullshit and
their PM his-elf has called out the nonsense in what the
<drumroll please>
MAIN ...  STREAM ..... MEDIA  <applause please>
is branding a "Jaw Dropping" speech.

Lock up your daughters Mahathir Mohamad, the CIA will probably come
for you and your family for such a brazen, brazen display of disdain
for the West's inglorious crapology...

Zerowedgie with the headline:

  In "Jaw-Dropping" Speech Malaysian PM Says "No Evidence" Russia
  Shot Down MH17

  In unexpected statements Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad
  has questioned the methodology behind Dutch investigators who
  produced what the West considers the authoritative report on the
  tragic shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in 2014 while
  flying over war-torn eastern Ukraine. He criticized that the
  Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) seems "to be concentrated
  on trying to pin it on the Russians".

["Unexpected" statements are always possible from those not entirely
  blackmailed by the CIA/NSA/USAGOVCORP - quit such blathering
  already!  You KNOW Russia is all things evil <COUGH> and that there
  is NO other story than that peddled by the regime; --please--, it's
  $CURRENT_YEAR already - West don't need its ritual sacrifices
  impugned, got it?]