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latest false flag attack?

On Mon, 24 Sep 2018 06:30:39 +1000
jamesd at echeque.com wrote:

> Not what those pictures show
> Your annotation is a lie, since it shows 
> (https://anonfile.com/J4u0Vehcb4/e3_png) the dark line moving straight 
> downwards, 

	Which is what it does. 

	I provided the pictures with no annotations, which are frame 50 and frame 80 of your video. Any retard can download the pictures and view them sequentally and see clearly how my annotations track what's going on. 

	The annotations can't be faked. 

> when the unannotated picture shows the dark line rotating, 

	no it doesn't

> indicating that during this initial part of the fall, the outer shell of 
> the building is falling like a rigid object,

	no it isn't. The pictures show it isn't and my 'annotations' make it even more clear. 

	So now tell me that the penthouse isn't moving down a lot faster than the rest of the building, you lying piece of shit =)