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latest false flag attack?

On 09/11/2018 09:45 PM, jamesd at echeque.com wrote:
> On 11/09/2018 22:00, Mirimir wrote:
>> Basically, the US and Saudis manipulated Al-Qaeda into planning the
>> attacks. The US military and Israeli Mossad monitored developments, and
>> made sure that the attackers weren't caught. Perhaps the plan didn't
>> include actually taking the World Trade Center down, or seriously
>> damaging the Pentagon and White House. That is, maybe stuff just got out
>> of hand.
> This theory is plausible, consistent with the available evidence, and
> internally consistent, but the man at the center of any conspiracy to
> overlook the attackers has to be Robert Mueller, and your proposed
> conspiracy just does not feel to me like a Robert Mueller conspiracy.
> Robert Mueller does not trust the US military and the Israeli Mossad,
> and they just do not trust him.

I don't have the background to have much of an opinion about that.

> I analyze world conflicts as proxy wars between the red empire and the
> blue empire.  The red empire wants to defeat Islam, so is pally with
> Iraeli Jews.  The blue empire wants to convert Islam, to do to Islam
> what it has done to Christianity, so is pally with, and in substantial
> part composed of, US progressive Jews.  And Robert Mueller is blue empire.

Interesting. Do you have links about that? In simple terms, who are the
red and blue empires?