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latest false flag attack?

> >>> 911 happened
>>> 	because you 'needed' - 'wanted' a New Pearl Harbour
>> Someone did, for sure. It could have been Israel and/or Saudi Arabia
>> also. I suspect that they're all connected, in some clusterfuck way.
> 	I guess 9/11 is better described not just as a false flag attack but as an inside job. 

It was an inside job only in the sense that Robert Mueller told the FBI 
to overlook bad Muslim behavior, in the same way and for the same 
reasons that the officers at Fort Hood politely and respectfully 
listened to Major Hassan's power point presentation on why he was going 
to kill them.

When you guys tell us that there was molten iron pouring out of the two 
tower, you knowingly lie about what the videos plainly show.

When you guys tell us that the towers abruptly went into free fall, with 
every part of the tower starting to fall simultaneously, you knowingly 
lie about what the videos show.

When you guys tell us about dancing Israelis, you knowingly lie about 
what the videos show.

When you guys tell us that no plane hit the Pentagon, you knowingly lie 
about what the videos show.

When you guys tell us that the controller of the Trade Tower seven told 
us on video that it was going to be demolished, you knowingly lie about 
what the videos show.

The purpose of these lies is to deny the culpability of Robert Mueller, 
and to persuade us that importing millions of young male military age 
Muslims from Saharan Africa and dumping them on marginal federal 
electorates is not a problem.

Video shows Flight 77 flying into the Pentagon at almost ground level, 
and small bits of Flight 77 and its passengers were sprayed all over the 
Pentagon.  Small spatters of the passengers' bones are still turning up 
in the Pentagon.

Video shows the towers falling like trees, not like demolitions, 
particularly Trade Tower Seven.  Each tower starts its fall by leaning 
sideways into the hole smashed by the plane, like a tree notched by the 
axe man. Each tower starts by falling sideways like a tree notched by 
the axe man, and *then* goes into free fall.

The video showing burning fluid pouring out of the Trade Tower shows a 
stream of burning jet fuel carrying burning seat cushions and burning 
body parts.  The liquid pouring out is only flame hot and flame bright, 
not molten iron hot and molten iron bright.

Real molten iron is too bright to be viewed with the naked eye, so 
bright as to be very difficult to video.  If you look at videos of real 
molten iron pours, the intense light of molten iron overwhelms the 
camera, intensely illuminating everything around it, so that near the 
molten iron the light is too bright to register, looking like a Star 
Wars light saber, rather than a fluid or a flame, and away from the 
molten iron, full sunlight looks like darkness, as the camera or the 
camera operator turns its sensitivity down to minimum to avoid damage. 
Similarly, thermite.  If there was "nano thermite" or "thermate" 
involved in the fall of the towers, it would have been obvious.

I have seen real molten iron pours, and they look like most videos of 
molten iron pouring - blinding the eyes in the same way as they blind 
the cameras.  To video molten iron, you have to video it through welding 
goggles.  If you look at a Youtube video of molten iron taken in full 
sunlight by an ordinary camera without special measures, the sunlight 
turns to darkness as the camera attempts to accommodate the molten iron, 
and it still cannot accommodate the molten iron.

You knowingly lie about all these things, and proof that you know you 
are lying is that you do not link to the video evidence, you link to 
videos of talking heads telling lies about the video evidence.  If you 
genuinely thought that the videos show what you say they show, you would 
link to the videos themselves, rather than linking to videos of liars 
talking about what the videos supposedly show.  If there was thermite 
and such in the fall of the towers, we would not need talking heads to 
tell us what we were seeing.  Everyone would have seen it.

You are lying to cover the misconduct of Robert Mueller, and in defense 
of the Deep State / Democratic Party program of race replacement, in 
particular their program of moving vast numbers of black male Muslim 
military age rapist voters into marginal federal electorates.  They are 
not moving millions of Israeli voters into marginal federal electorates, 
and if they were, they would not be raping white women and children.