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latest false flag attack?

On 11/09/2018 22:00, Mirimir wrote:
> Basically, the US and Saudis manipulated Al-Qaeda into planning the
> attacks. The US military and Israeli Mossad monitored developments, and
> made sure that the attackers weren't caught. Perhaps the plan didn't
> include actually taking the World Trade Center down, or seriously
> damaging the Pentagon and White House. That is, maybe stuff just got out
> of hand.

This theory is plausible, consistent with the available evidence, and 
internally consistent, but the man at the center of any conspiracy to 
overlook the attackers has to be Robert Mueller, and your proposed 
conspiracy just does not feel to me like a Robert Mueller conspiracy.

Robert Mueller does not trust the US military and the Israeli Mossad, 
and they just do not trust him.

I analyze world conflicts as proxy wars between the red empire and the 
blue empire.  The red empire wants to defeat Islam, so is pally with 
Iraeli Jews.  The blue empire wants to convert Islam, to do to Islam 
what it has done to Christianity, so is pally with, and in substantial 
part composed of, US progressive Jews.  And Robert Mueller is blue empire.