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Cryptocurrency: Voluntary Japan - Talks with Bitcoin.com re Bitcoin Cash BCH, Voluntaryism

> Technically, anything can be debated. Doesn't mean all sides in a debate
> necessarily have value. In this case, the anti-privacy side is worthless.

Then carry that message of worthlessness, out to the sheeple,
and to the cryptocurrency privacy fakes at their conferences,
twitters, etc.

> ''libertarian' party... 50 years... failure...
> the fuck are they even pretending to do?

What are they pretending to do? Not be governing you?

> the interweb and its pipes
> with ZERO privacy at the protocol level one would expect that people like
> ver learned their lesson. It seems they didn't though.

Many in the cryptocurrency space are optimistic or
unfamiliar with certain areas. Some being more philosophical
inclined, some even admitting they are not technical, some more
technical inclined, some even admitting lack of philosophy.

Cryptocurrency conferences need to have serious tracks devoted
to educating on both philosophy and developing real coin privacy.

They need to take the lessons.

> well, btc could be used privately if the internet were not the biggest spy
> machine ever created. Although bitcoin doesn't have special mechanisms for
> privacy in the protocol, it doesn't have any mechanisms to identify users
> either. The privacy problems in bitcoin stem from the privacy problems on
> the interweb and the surveillance state.

Govt spying surveilling on the net is one thing, yet those top
secret datas are mostly kept at hand not dumped into the open market.

Markets cooperating chain analysis tagging all known addresses
particularly at corporate exchanges, retail, databrokers
is another thing...  and being run no different than the secret
credit scoring advertising marketing buying selling sharing facebooking
policing your soul on the backend.

> Ha. coin fucking base is one of the worst if not the worst cancer in the
> 'cryptocurrency space'.

I meant Gemini has ZEC pairings now, Coinbase is expected to.

Gemini is also now pumping their own centralized USDT-alike
shitcoin called GUSD that all the retards are rushing in droves to accept.


> Coinbase's statist plot seems pretty obvious.

What is any plausible statist control monitoring censorship
plot point behind pairing ZEC which is currently
thought to be untraceable when used off exchange in
private mode? Even if future plan is to blocking all
non-e2e-t2t paths at their gates, why be enabling ZEC?

For weakening it via throwing internal data at analysis?

Or is it that States and Corporations expect to use e2e-z2z
for their own plots and are thus willing to accept sheeple's
use of z?


Fungibility is very important part of coin privacy too.

There are big forces trying to develop systems of discrimination
based on perceived taint. This is obvious by rhetoric, and
by OTC desks offering fresh mined coins at a premium
to entities with big bank, and even by some famous BTC devs
proposing code architectures to censorship of addresses.

Under those schemes that $20 apple pie you bought from
your neighbor the quiet drug dealers kid at her unlicensed
bake sale so that she could buy art supplies to make a save
the whales activism poster for her grade school school project
could lock and forfeit your account forever, as well as your
entire next hop network, and so on out.

> https://cointelegraph.com/news/5-reasons-to-drop-coinbase-like-a-hot-potato-op-ed
> https://blog.coinbase.com/kathryn-haun-joins-coinbase-board-of-directors-65b4d4c4e65f
> "We are excited to announce former federal prosecutor [worthless cunt] has
> joined our parent company Board of Directors."

What do you expect US exchanges to be filled with,
crypto anarchists, fighting tooth and nail to do the
absolute minimum anti-privacy required to avoid govt
shutdown, pouring all profits into pro-privacy lobbying
and starting Voluntaryism? That's a long hard road to play.
And even if so, it's only part of the route to the goal.

Regardless, people should research all the exchanges
Boards, Execs and Investors and publish it for all to
see on some website / wiki.

Which ones are actually doing anything for privacy,
Voluntary activism, etc. Which ones are sellouts.

>> TLS for all coins, select privacy modes in some or all,
>> bulletproof anonymous exchanges / P2P DEX's,
>> plausible deniability such as income generating
>> apps / mixes / resource rental / compute nets,
>> blockchains and clients that do not store anything
>> but UTXO's, etc.

Even anonymous markets just to sell boring household
goods, property, tools and tech. Replace fucking Ebay.
Get started somewhere.

>> See also: Free State Project.
> another project that is going nowhere as far as I know.

They claim a growing number of seats but need to
keep pushing the project and not fall into the trap.
Most have run as Rep or Dem, either as a tactic,
or they sold out.

>> The list is here, you all talk and decide.