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Cryptocurrency: Voluntary Japan - Talks with Bitcoin.com re Bitcoin Cash BCH, Voluntaryism

> take on ver arguing AGAINST
> privacy at the protocol level for cryptocurrencies?

Seems to be an ongoing debate about that in
the cryptocurrency space... ie: whether selectable
privacy, or privacy-only, would be advantage yielding
faster take up and toehold to adoption
thus introduction to voluntary themes, which
would shift later on their own to privacy-only [1].

If you find other debate / interview / talks
on the cryptocurrency privacy subject,
please post them here for others.

It could be that this question is evolving, that people
may flip [again], ending up settling on privacy-only...
many believed early on BTC could be used privately.

Note the US exchange coinbase (and maybe others)
does have Zcash ZEC pairings. So what are the statist
plots there?

There's probably still time in the race left to
push all coins into having some privacy modes.

You'd also have to study the adoption and rationale
of ZEC and XMR and a few others closely.

What is needed for sure also right now are TLS
for all coins, select privacy modes in some or all,
bulletproof anonymous exchanges / P2P DEX's,
plausible deniability such as income generating
apps / mixes / resource rental / compute nets,
blockchains and clients that do not store anything
but UTXO's, etc.

Central Banker State Coin will certainly not
be private, nor suit your privacy needs, at all.

Build privacy into the emergent ecosystem from
the start and drive adoption united, hard, and fast.
Seems necessary to have if you expect to win the game.

Public talking heads in the cryptocurrency space
should have been talking privacy a long time ago.
The void there makes them all look stupid.

[1] Similar debate to the:
Whether voting for Libertarian parties is faster, better,
"play their own game against them" route, now today,
adding more pressure from multiple directions, to whatever
goal, than not voting at all and waiting for some kind
of global awakening.

See also: Free State Project.

Either way you still have to introduce and educate
a lot of people. The answer may be: Both, not Or.

The list is here, you all talk and decide.