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Cryptocurrency: Voluntary Japan - Talks with Bitcoin.com re Bitcoin Cash BCH, Voluntaryism

On Sun, 28 Oct 2018 23:49:10 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:

> > take on ver arguing AGAINST
> > privacy at the protocol level for cryptocurrencies?
> Seems to be an ongoing debate about that in
> the cryptocurrency space... ie: whether selectable
> privacy, or privacy-only, would be advantage yielding
> faster take up and toehold to adoption
> thus introduction to voluntary themes, which
> would shift later on their own to privacy-only [1].

	Technically, anything can be debated. Doesn't mean all sides in a debate necessarily have value. In this case, the anti-privacy side is worthless. 

	Good that you mention the so called 'libertarian' party. A perfect example of a complete failure, after almost 50 years of doing...the fuck are they even pretending to do?

	So after things like the 'libertarian' party and the interweb and its pipes with ZERO privacy at the protocol level one would expect that people like ver learned their lesson. It  seems they didn't though. 

> It could be that this question is evolving, that people
> may flip [again], ending up settling on privacy-only...
> many believed early on BTC could be used privately.

	well, btc could be used privately if the internet were not the biggest spy machine ever created. Although bitcoin doesn't have special mechanisms for privacy in the protocol, it doesn't have any mechanisms to identify users either. The privacy problems in bitcoin stem from the privacy problems on the interweb and the surveillance state. 

> Note the US exchange coinbase (and maybe others)
> does have Zcash ZEC pairings. So what are the statist
> plots there?

	Ha. coin fucking base is one of the worst if not the worst cancer in the 'cryptocurrency space'. Coinbase's statist plot seems pretty obvious. 

	coin fucking base was 'founded' by goldman sachs scum and is staffed by US govt criminals. 


	"We are excited to announce former federal prosecutor [worthless cunt] has joined our parent company Board of Directors."

	" [worthless cunt] also held a significant role in the case of two federal agentsâ?? role in the investigation into Silk Road."

> See also: Free State Project.

	another project that is going nowhere as far as I know. 

> Either way you still have to introduce and educate
> a lot of people. The answer may be: Both, not Or.
> The list is here, you all talk and decide.