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3rd largest Euro population, Brazil, democratically removes democracy - Bolsonaro elected - [PEACE]

Brazil is the third largest European-descent population in the world,
behind America and Russia.

Wignats watching, learning. Only question is - will you're country be

<uproarious laughter> OH! Shirt! Fullibug! Dang, that's funny - what
 we really mean is (((their))) country, right? Hah, oh, <snort>, you
 know, sorry 'bout dat! </>

REMEMBER - get out and VOTE Democrat, as the world REALLY needs
another couple years of this comedy show :D

In fact, make sure all your friends vote Democrat too - drive them to
the booths a few at a time, the rest of the world's laughter quota
(two years bruh!) is depending on -you-!

Peace muh wigs!

LIVE: Bolsonaro Holocausts The Vote: 90,000,000 Whites Getting
Nationalist Military Government