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Minnesota "Human Rights": State Demands Christian US Filmmakers Make Same-Sex Films or Face Jail Time - [PEACE] [NPC]

On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 06:16:35PM -0400, Marina Brown wrote:
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> On 10/21/18 6:05 PM, jim bell wrote:
> >>> state-demands-christian-us-filmmakers-m
> > ake-same-sex-films-or-face-jail-time
> How about looking at actual law rather than what some ideologue
> says ? "The goyim know" is a nazi site.
> https://codes.findlaw.com/mn/human-rights-ch-363-363a/mn-st-sect-363a-02
> .html
> The question at hand appears to be whether wedding photography is a
> public service or accomodation.

Oh wow! You're absolutely right - thegoyimknow.to is utter Nazi
right wing extremist propaganda - pure trolling.
Here's a more up market link for ya:
 A Christian couple who owns a media company is suing the state of
 Minnesota after being threatened with fines and imprisonment if they
 refuse to make films involving same-sex marriage.

(I won't paste it all in.)

PS: Whether the question at hand trumps free speech and the right to
freedom of thought/ religion/ belief, and the right to be NOT
compelled to work for others against your own free will, is the REAL
question at hand.

This is an old barrister trick: a reasonably plump pidgeon loses a
court case in a lowly Magistrate's court, and "muh principles" compel
him (or shim) to "fight tha gud fight", but the system or deep state
does not particularly want to see a win, but the dang pidgeon has a
right to appeal. What to do?

Well, the smooth barrister first offers a pro-bono deal that goes
like this:

 "Look I know you don't have access to much funds, and really truly
 wuly I'd like to represent you pro-bono, but I have this other
 client here already, and they're already paid $25,000, so you see,
 unless we can come up with $25,000 to pay them back I won't be able
 to help you, see?"

Now that's one FINE piece of social engineering if ever I saw one.

Notwithstanding, pidgeon pays barrister, and what does barrister do?

Barrister appeals the case "on a point of law" as is the want of 800
years of "fine English common law history", and asks a sophisticated
sounding, but losing, question.

Now I don't know about you, but asking some fine legal distinction
between "photography is a public service, or accomodation" (and just
ignoring free speech, compelled speech, compelled work, creative
expression, right to freedom of religion/ thought/ etc) is an
absolute classic of legal shirttuckery.

Good luck,

PS: If you're a little timid and scared of searching Googoyle, and
really want some decent Nazi propaganda which will really twist your
brain in three (DO --NOT-- GO THERE) there's an absolutely deplorable
documentary â??Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Toldâ??.
I've^B<ahem>A friend tells me it's really quite good despite being
slow (spread over 3 DVDs) and therefore needing to be watched at
roughly double speed.
[<â?¨Trigger warninpc: u might end up with RSI from making lampshadesâ?©>]