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Virustotal - FBI Cooperation

I have obtained a file that I believe is government malware. It hashes to
D7161581BAAA04FC2E515BF724CC2CC17C2520A3574717D53A8F9D638E3D30F, and is
signed by Microsoft.

This should be the appropriate link: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/

However when trying to archive the link, the link comes up as 404.
https://archive.fo/d0eR0 <http://archive.fo/d0eR0> I have a photograph of
the virustotal scan, while I believe I am pwned, the government is well
aware of the first amendment concerns of altering photographs in a personâ??s
possession as opposed to merely suppressing scans or whatever balancing
test they hide away from us. I could upload the screenshots, but Iâ??m using
a different computer right now and Iâ??m a bit on edge from all this.

It is not inconceivable that the FBI and virustotal are cooperating with
known file hashes and are suppressing them from public view, especially
given that virustotal gives access to uploaded files to major cyber
security and antivirus firms.

I would like to know the process in which these irregularities occur, and
whether or not there are consequences for misuse of valid activities for
corrupt ends and what checks are there on it.

Maybe the relevant civil liberties concerns could investigate.
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