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Virustotal - FBI Cooperation

Are you saying you can't share it because it was only on VT, and you don't
have the original any more?


On Sun, 21 Oct 2018, 19:06 Ryan Carboni, <ryacko at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have obtained a file that I believe is government malware. It hashes
> to D7161581BAAA04FC2E515BF724CC2CC17C2520A3574717D53A8F9D638E3D30F, and is
> signed by Microsoft.
> This should be the appropriate link:
> https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/D7161581BAAA04FC2E515BF724CC2CC17C2520A3574717D53A8F9D638E3D30F
> However when trying to archive the link, the link comes up as 404.
> https://archive.fo/d0eR0 <http://archive.fo/d0eR0> I have a photograph of
> the virustotal scan, while I believe I am pwned, the government is well
> aware of the first amendment concerns of altering photographs in a personâ??s
> possession as opposed to merely suppressing scans or whatever balancing
> test they hide away from us. I could upload the screenshots, but Iâ??m using
> a different computer right now and Iâ??m a bit on edge from all this.
> It is not inconceivable that the FBI and virustotal are cooperating with
> known file hashes and are suppressing them from public view, especially
> given that virustotal gives access to uploaded files to major cyber
> security and antivirus firms.
> I would like to know the process in which these irregularities occur, and
> whether or not there are consequences for misuse of valid activities for
> corrupt ends and what checks are there on it.
> Maybe the relevant civil liberties concerns could investigate.
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