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DRAFT version of Federal "Justice" Shutdown Project

On Thu, 22 Mar 2018 20:41:57 +0000 (UTC)
jim bell <jdb10987 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  >  So, please stop defending STATE BORDERS like you did and stop
>     wholly misrepresenting libertarian philosphy. 
> I think I already said that I opposed government borders.

  That statement is at odds with previous comments you made (ICE,
  smearing of immigrants) so I have the 'right' to remain unconvinced. 

> > And it's quite funny how an engineer isn't  
>     aware of the fact that there is AIR TRAVEL and SEA TRAVEL and
>     that  right-wing fake 'anarchists' haven't claimed to own the
>     SEA and the SkY, at least YET.
> I was not including air travel and sea travel because I didn't
> consider it relevant to the current discussion.

  It just so happens that the topic of the discussion is FREEDOM.

  Freedom of movement to be more precise. So air and sea travel (and
  river-travel! and lake-travel!) are completely relevant. And they are
  counter examples to your fallacious position. And that's why you
  ignored them.

> If you don't believe in the concept of "private property" say so.
> But don't pretend that everybody has the same opinion as you. 

	I am a natural rights anarchist. That means I fully understand
	the logical consequneces of a political system based on rights
	to LIFE, LIBERTY and property. 

	See? Libertarianism is based on a hierarchy of 3 fundamental
	rights. Property comes at the end.

> I am aware, of course, that SOME anarchists oppose the idea of
> private property. 

	That is not my case. See above.