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DRAFT version of Federal "Justice" Shutdown Project

On Wed, 21 Mar 2018 21:30:32 +0000 (UTC)
jim bell <jdb10987 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 2:11:22 PM PDT, juan
> <juan.g71 at gmail.com> wrote: 
>  On Wed, 21 Mar 2018 19:41:20 +0000 (UTC)
> jim bell <jdb10987 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >> When I suggest that illegal re-entry is a 'victimless crime', that
> >> does not mean that there are not other crimes which illegal
> >> re-entry employs (such as people-smuggling) and further, crimes
> >> that it enables:  Any crime subsequently committed by a person who
> >> is illegally present in America. 
> >    there is no such thing as being 'illegaly present in america'. 
> See this:
> https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1325

  you think I am not aware of the criminal nonsense that the criminals
  known as 'government' say? 

  the non-crime of crossing a state border is a crime only according to
  the utmost criminal scum known as 'government' and 'the state'. 

  I know that. And you should know that. So what's the point of
  bringing it up?

  According to the govt 'illegal' drugs are 'illegal'. So they are
  'illegal' then, according to the government. Is that news? a=a ? Is
  that anything else apoart from circular lawyer nonsense? 

> I don't have to agree with a law to recognize that others believe it
> exists.  
> >    this is the A of the ABC of libertarian philosophy. 
> Upon elimination of government, there should be no governmental
> boundaries.  But that doesn't mean the elimination of PRIVATE
> boundaries, property lines. 

	That has nothing to do with anything you said in your previous
	message. And I've already dealt with the private 'anarchist'
	state nonsense in the past anyway. Hopefully you remember how I
	countered all that right wing nonsense in a few messages TO YOU.

>  Sadly, some (recent) libertarians don't
> realize this.  


> >> Put simply, if the government had actually been enforcing
> >> immigration law for the last 30+ years, there might easily be a
> >> half-million illegals
> >    what are you talking about? Didn't you say you are a
>  >   'libertarian' and an 'anarchist'? Has Jim Bell's mail account
>     been hacked? 
> I don't have to agree with this, in order to recognize reality. 

	Come on.

	If you actually didn't agree with this you'd denounce it as a
	wholly criminal, anti-libertarian activity carried by the US 

	But that's not what you did : 	what you did is 

	1) invoke americunt  law in a 'neutral' (haha) way.

	2) handwave some nonsense about 'private' statism and 'private'

	3) mention that 'illegal aliens' commit other crimes. Really?
	subjects, I mean 'legal citizens'. So what's your point? OH YES,
	SMEARING 'ILLEGAL ALIENS'. And pandering to fucking right

	To be fair, I first thought you correctly categorized any
	'immigration crime' as a non-crime. Too bad you 'clarified'
	your position....

> It's
> quite true:   IF the United States government had, in fact, been
> enforcing the law that it claims exists, no large quantity of people
> not legally authorized to be in America would exist.  

	If the US government executed all user of 'illegal' drugs there
	would be no users of 'illegal' drugs left. What's next? 

	I can come up with a few more valid analogies to your
	anti-libertarin immigration nonsense.

	Hopefully you get the point. 

> >> in America, rather that what I suspect to be, 20 million.  (the
> >> figures bandied commonly  about, 11-12 million are nonsense.)
> > 
> >> So, if ICE actually did its job, 
>  >   .... Jim Bell might want to create a new email account because
>  >   this one can't belong to him.
> I'm referring to the job ICE claims to have:  To enforce immigration
> law.  I did not express approval of that law, merely its existence.

	Really. And what is your point by 'expressing the existence' of
	one of the many vastly criminal activities of the US

	You think people in an allegedly ANARCHIST mailing list are not
	aware of them? 

> >> much of the crime associated with
> >> illegal aliens simply wouldn't occur.  
>  >   What. Crime. 

> Are you arguing that crime doesn't exist 

	Don't take me for an idiot Jim.

> ?Are you arguing that laws
> shouldn't exist?Are you arguing that people who are said to be
> illegally in America don't commit crimes? What?

	Are you going to deport all the scum from wall street? Do you
	understand that the biggest criminals ON THE PLANET are wall
	street CEOs? Just look at how much they STEAL.

	Are you going to apply your 'principles' in a consistent way?
	Deport people who allegedly commit crimes? No? You are not
	asking to deport the owners of goldman sachs and raytheon?

> >    No point in dealing with the rest of your fascist, 1000% anti
>  >   libertarian vomit.
> Your reputation precedes you.  

   What do you think happens to your 'reputation' as 'anarchist' when
   people read your nonsense about state borders? 
   Granted, vast majority of people are either outright fascists or
   fake libertarians. But if real libertarians read your
   'newutral description' of 'ICE's job' rest assured your reputation
   would take the hit it deserves.

> I'm trying to actually solve the problem.  You are just complaining.  

   meh, so presenting the libertarian position on  borders amounts
   to  'complaining'  - OK.