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	The image is perhaps supposed to be half-funny but in reality
	it perfectly sums up some of the most fundamental libertarian

	The image is a counter example for the typical brain dead
	statist who thinks he 'refutes' freeedom by asking "BUT WHO

	But there's an even more important point being made. The image
	also counters the propertarian, right-wing, anti-freedom
	nonsense about the nature of 'private' roads. 

	See, animals, including human animals have been using roads
	for millions of years, whithout having google-raytheon build
	the roads and trying to own the people who use them. 

	In other words, fascist, right-wing assholes posing as
	'libertarians'  building roads and then chosing who can use
	the road or not are a) not needed  b) a serious threat to

	And just before I get called a 'commie', I don't object to
	paying a free-mareket fee to use a paved road, which means I
	pay and then I exercise my fucking right to free movement, no
	fucking question asked.