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Ask yourself this

On 04/02/2017 09:52 AM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> Is America more or less free after fifty years, or is it the same?
> Have we learned from the Pike Committee? 
> How can the ACLU and the EFF be so ineffective? Those two combined
> received fifty million dollars per year. The ACLU Foundation possesses
> a third of a billion dollars in assets.

Because they're lobbying organizations primarily and not activist orgs.
For instance, the ACLU comes into cases late after the NLG or CCR has
done the hard work, files some briefs, and takes the highly
media-publicized glory to use for more fundraising to lobby and hobnob
with the people who ARE the problem.

> Yes. Snowden started a debate.
> And you lost.
> Each and every one of you.

I had that 'debate' in 1970 when the NYPD's Red Squad, the "Bureau of
Special Services", Capt Finnegan the "Silver Fox" and his thugs did some
"File Cabinet Work" and got my name of a police blotter after a
guerrilla Theater protest/disruption at a Ted Kennedy/Abe Ribicoff
speaking event at NYU's Queens Campus. They used the info to attempt to
dissuade me from my goals by threatening my father's, still an active
duty US Army Colonel at the time, security clearance at NASA Huntsville
(Mil NASA)

I also had figured out long ago they can do it to anyone they want
anytime they want now, and the accuracy!

The Feds didn't note in their file cabinet work that I hadn't even seen
my dad for 10 years and he had no influence over my actions. Now they'd
know that. They'd also know what kind of coffee I like by the Starbucks
card metadataz, where I hang out via my smartphone's GPS, etc.


Ps. You win by not giving a fuck if they know what you're doing or not.
Revolutionaries are dead men on Furlough.