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Ask yourself this

On 4/2/17, Razer <g2s at riseup.net> wrote:
> On 04/02/2017 09:52 AM, Ryan Carboni wrote:
>> Is America more or less free after fifty years, or is it the same?
>> Have we learned from the Pike Committee?
>> How can the ACLU and the EFF be so ineffective? Those two combined
>> received fifty million dollars per year. The ACLU Foundation possesses
>> a third of a billion dollars in assets.

They, like the US GOV have been ineffective because of inadequate
participation, lack of sufficient purpose/vision, and the general
distraction caused by mass media, drugs, and basic demands to make
ends meet.

>> Yes. Snowden started a debate.

Snoden didn't start the debate.  People were suspicious of the gov't
long before.  The issue is the same one as given above.

> Ps. You win by not giving a fuck if they know what you're doing or not.
> Revolutionaries are dead men on Furlough.

Or their regular people who have the moxy AND the righteousness, so
they don't have to fear the incompetence of those with power.  Perhaps
you had to at the time (as I once did), but when it gets to the
foundations of the law, they'll shake just as you -- they simply rely
on you not knowing it.