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Ask yourself this

On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 12:52 PM, Ryan Carboni <ryacko at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is America more or less free after fifty years, or is it the same?

Abject loss? Maybe not yet. Total surveillance and datamining preliminary
to such, and even lots of little encroaching moves therein? Absolutely.
The news headlines and political rhetoric on anything that matters on
that over the last 10-20 years, what's the ratio there 10:1 bad?
Ever seen any laws or regulations removed from the books?
Any less official secrecy? Government cameras now recording forever
on every street corner. Tools for The Fuckening are in place.
When and will and who will throw the switch?

> Have we learned from the Pike Committee?

In generational memory terms, that was 65+ years ago, if you're
not that old you wouldn't remember, and if you are, you're too old
to care. The elite powers don't care what was learned, only that
you've forgotten it. Time was ripe for another meme for them to
pipe out and Bin Laden was their godsend and [engineered] partner,
on top of systems from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo,
credit, marketing, and every single other data miner / aggregator / seller,
all of which they refused to even bring up any controls over, or announce.
Sheeple never even had or stood a chance, now you don't either.

See External Links
Note "select" committees mean "constructed by, secret, and
friendly to... government".

> How can the ACLU and the EFF be so ineffective?

Like Washington DC, and news media... old dead fatcat
Boards of Directors and Executives.

> Those two combined received
> fifty million dollars per year. The ACLU Foundation possesses a third of a
> billion dollars in assets.

$50M/yr would pay for 2500 full time activists actually out on the streets
reaching educating people who "vote" and bribe and petition sign and talk to
politicians, instead of websites they click past and court cases that
are hardly.
That's at *least* 10+ full time activists per major city in the USA, complete
with ops support, think about that.
Privacy / freedom / crypto / etc needs to become a street activism
just like gay / marijuana / guns / abortion are. And they need to start
reaching out to all these groups to be seen as an indispensible partner offering
needed privicy / freedom / crypto tools for their own campaigns and peoples.
There is a lot of potential here.

> Yes. Snowden started a debate.
> And you lost.
> Each and every one of you.

True, first mover advantage was totally and completely squandered and lost.
Final proof evident that news media are in it for themselves, not
active partners.
Now you have to do it the hard old fashioned way...
On the streets.