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[Cryptography] A humble recommendation

On 4/6/16, Rayzer <[email protected]> wrote:
> Xer0Dynamite wrote:
>> That may be your interpretation, but given the foundation of "which it
>> stands" and by the letter of the Law, you have tremendous advantage
>> you can leverage on you, the individual's, behalf--regardless of how
>> corrupt various Legislative acts have made the Law as it stands today.
> Tell that to the US prison population... Almost entirely black people
> without adequate legal representation. Don't waste your time quoting
> history textbooks at me. It just makes you look ignorant of the reality
> of American society. A reality that's been that way since the first day
> the "Constitution" was signed. which simply codified preexisting
> operational structures.

That is a good issue.  In almost every case, the prisoner is more
innocent that the leaders who have killed people in cold blood,
without remorse or empathy --the textbook definition of "psychopath".
Yet there is no world police to arrest the leaders and take them to
court and see if their acts were righteous or not.

The only explanation is that lawyers are sucking the tits of Satan.
Because, it's only a very simple legal argument to make that a drug
dealer is working CONSENSUALLY in a FREE MARKET SYSTEM with products
whose effects are *mostly* limited to the INDIVIDUAL's liberty.  Even
a murder case, can be argued for, since the State has set the example.

I don't buy the idea that most prisoners are black.  I think this is
Leftist media propaganda.  I've seen prisons.  They typically
segregate the population, yet it was clear that there were just as
many whites as there were blacks, perhaps more (and this was in LA