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[Cryptography] A humble recommendation

On 4/6/16, Rayzer <[email protected]> wrote:
> Xer0Dynamite wrote:
>> The solution for fixing the State of America (which is the first
>> domino in the chain) is to remember that the American Revolution
>> fought for the same ideals
> That's nice except, despite vicious rumors to the contrary indoctrinated
> in 'Mericans by the mind modification programs they call "Schools",
> there was no "American Revolution". Revolutions are based on ideologies.
> Greed is not an ideology.

No, the American Revolution was fought to bring the colonies
independence from tyranny and instigated by the Boston Tea Party
incident and the Declaration of Independence.  The latter is good to
re-read to see very pointedly the ideals held.

> Any simple perusal of the Constitution shows
> it is about trade relations between the states, and nations, and private
> property rights, to the advantage of a microscopic percentage of the
> people on the continent at that time, and perhaps moreso now.

That may be your interpretation, but given the foundation of "which it
stands" and by the letter of the Law, you have tremendous advantage
you can leverage on you, the individual's, behalf--regardless of how
corrupt various Legislative acts have made the Law as it stands today.
Remember the Bar Association is an unconstitutional monopoly that has
intimidated people out of their own rights by convincing them that the
law belongs to them.  Not so.  Even if they argue that they wrote a
Law, it is up to the elected Official to enforce it AND the Court to
uphold it as obeying the SPIRIT of the law (not the LETTER).

Constitutionally, police have no power EXCEPT as authorized by your
elected leader.  They are not mentioned at all in the Constitution.
Frankly, the whole federal government is a mess, and if you get
arrested for some heinous crime like copying data from a corporate
server somewhere, you need to point out that the federal executive
branch (which would be probably doing the arrest) is a schizoid,
psychotic mess and should not be trusted.  (To wit:  the "Department
of Justice".... under.... the Executive Branch. WTF?  Issues of
Justice are handled by the Judicial BRANCH.  It's not up to the
Executive to decide that they're executing Justice.)

> The Bill of Rights is for the rest of us, and it was hard fought, almost
> causing the Constitution to have never been signed at all when
> delegations began following Pennsylvania's lead, and also considered
> walking out. ... and ever since those documents were signed the people
> who hold power have strengthened THEIR rights (the constitution) and
> weakened ours (the so-called Bill of Rights)

Don't believe it.  The rights remain among the People and no Court is
going to be able to argue otherwise.  The Left has GIVEN away power,
mostly to media (do you question the veracity of national news?),
which is why the Internet is so important.